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Welcome to KiteCD

Take some time to explore our new site. We're on a new server, on a new track, and new content is on the way. The original material is all still on our local machines, but due to an unfortunate move by AOL, we have to completely rebuild the site on the new server.

We are continuing to restore the content, but as you know there is a substantial quantity of it. Part of the restoration is validating all of the links, removing the dead ones, and reorganizing the site.

Please check back frequently and use the What's New page as a guide. Thanks for 10 years of support! Yes, we've been around that long. Many more are on the way.

-- Lois Ann Shultz--

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We apologize for the ragged appearance.

The site is designed and tested using Firefox and should appear normal to users of Opera and Safari as well. There are some display problems when it is viewed using IE and we are working on resolving those issues.