About KiteCD

KiteCD was launched on January 1st, 2000 and was redesigned for its 9th anniversary. Our 10th anniversary is just around the corner. The goal originally was, and still is, to provide an easy to use but diverse resource for parents and teachers.

Perhaps the most important influence on a child's education and development is parental participation. Whether parents jump into a full homeschooling program or afterschool by enriching their child's public or private school education, this evening and weekend time can determine whether or not a child reaches his or her full potential.

Although initially targeted for home schooling parents, the content quickly evolved to include subjects relevant to any means of education. The goal was to provide easily accessable quality information and resources. It was never intended to compete with encyclopedia sites like Wikipedia, but rather to serve as a launching point for common themes for pre-school through secondary education. Many hours have gone into gathering relevant links and resource references.

This site provides you with new ideas, activities, inspirations, resources and reassurance to guide your family through the home education process as well as support for traditional schooling. KiteCD features include biographies, information about animals, ecology, health and safety, science, and historical accounts. Many subjects include crafts, insightful readings, recipes, homeschooling ideas, and recommended reading and resources.

Our philosophy is based on respect for all individuals. Valuable learning takes place in a variety of caring environments and we strive to provide assistance in all forms of the education process.

KiteCD is run under the authority of Lois Ann Shultz, MS. She holds a Masters of Science in Elementary Education and an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.

Her teaching career has been diverse, with service as a Kindergarten teacher in rural South Carolina, graduate teaching at a university lab preschool, Head Teacher for Head Start, and a Pre-school teacher at a well-respected academy in New Hampshire. She also served a three year term on a New Hampshire school board and has home schooled and afterschooled her three daughters. Currently, Lois is working as a Kindergarten teacher at a Pennsylvania Department of Education accredited and NAEYC accredited private school where she also holds the title of Educational Director.

She has achieved the rank of second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do under the instruction of Grand Master Young Ui Min of the Oriental Tang Soo Do Association. Lois is the leader of the Min's Karate Demonstration Team, is the sole preschool age karate instructor, and teaches all levels through black belt.

If you have suggestions for the site content, links to relevant material, or just want to share your thoughts, please e-mail Lois. Don't be offended if it takes a while for her to respond. Her days are pretty busy. Also, please do not send attachments. If you have an image or other file you would like to share, describe it in the text of the message and she'll request it if she feels it would be a good fit for the site.