Why KiteCD is Being Rebuilt

The KiteCD site was launched on January 1, 2000 as an AOL web site and was hosted by AOL for almost nine years. Unfortunately, our 9th anniversary celebration came with an unpleasant event. With no notification whatsoever, AOL eliminated all such web sites on Halloween day of 2008. My site and all of the valued links in search engines were simply gone. I am not pleased.

FORTUNATELY, I have all of the original files on my own computers. Since most bookmarks will have recorded the AOL address (such as http://members.aol.com/kitecd/PAGENAME.htm), those bookmarks are now useless.

This actually provides me with the freedom to rethink the organization of the site. Maintaining the integrity of those bookmarks was an obstacle to design changes, so I consider this setback to be an opportunity for improvement.

If you find a link to an old AOL page, please contact the site where it is listed and request that they update it to http://www.kitecd.com. Also, the kitecd@aol.com e-mail address will be going away permanently very soon. The new address is info@kitecd.com, so please update your mailing lists and directories. We love to hear from you!

Please keep checking in for what's new, and use the site map to look for pages with defunct AOL bookmarks. Many of the file names will have changed, but the site map will be up to date.

I'll be rebuilding the original content over the next few months. Primarily this involves migrating the old material into our new format and validating all of the links. The old site had over 500 external links and many of them are now dead. My current focus is to restore all of the content with the links that are still valid. After the migration is complete, we will be adding new reference links and new material.

-- Lois Ann Shultz --