Presidents of the United States

The KiteCD Presidents page is not going to be restored in our migration to the new server. There are several reasons behind this decision. The initial purpose of the Presidents page was to find a few positive or interesting facts about each president, and nine years ago there weren't that many online resources doing the same. Our primary reference source at the time was our personal collection of books.

Despite our efforts to maintain an apolitical presentation, we received uncomplimentary feedback from both extremes and currently feel it is best to avoid the subject entirely at this point. We have no intention of establishing any political bias, real or perceived.

The wealth of information available on the Internet today, as opposed to nine years ago, also contributed to this decision. Back then it was often difficult to get more than a few hits on a search term. Now it is difficult to get less than forty thousand. Our primary external link for the Presidents page was the White House Presidential History page. That is a good starting point, and the other respected reference and search engine sites can offer far more than we can on this subject.

It was a difficult decision to eliminate this section from the site, but we trust you will understand.